This work that the artist produced during his confinement in Dakar, refers to  the global drama of the pandemic and concentrates a multitude of allusions to the history of painting that add to primitive practices. On the left two animals, such as the bull and the horse in Guernica, a work by Picasso that some historians interpret as an inverted crib, look at us. They just mated, there will be a litter – Life will resume..In a dynamic articulation 2 figures animate the central space. Feet and legs, float in weightlessness in a space without perspective recalling a scene from the medieval manuscript of the Apocalypse of SaintSever. The saving figure leans on his knee, in contraposto,classic figure of Greek sculpture. She lifts the man to the ground before he switches from orange to black, sign that he would be gradually won by death.  As in the paintings of centuries past where the mage king is coming from the right : the healer’s figure blocks the composition. His headdress made of an overlay of layers of acrylic on papiermâché glued takes part of the cloud. The figure of the artist himself, floats in the space of the paintng and observes the scene./ A strategy in the history of painting that allows to involve the viewer