Trough the flower..

Lass draws on the power of flower, interplaynig with a child, as, symbol of resilience address environmental threats.

The series, which came to be known as « Through the flower » features a child and flower, lonely and vulnerable, in the space of the canvas. In an uncanny interplay, a dialogue seems to be established between them. They seem to be seized under the pressure of environmental disasters threatening to overwhelm them, as much as the other. The child instinctively knows that the flower is alive and fragile just like him. The strength of the flower will depend on that of the child. The Alhassane’s children are depicted in deliciously and intentionally gauche attitudes. The focus is on the characters’ essence rather than their physical aspect. The artist takes both a critical and optimistic view of our relationship with the world around us and the necessary protection of all that is alive on earth. A concept well integrated in Mali, in view of the campaigns launched in recent years to combat global warming and for reforestation such as: “Green Bamako”, “Save the Niger River”: “I plant my tree”, “My green street” , “A Malian, a tree” .
Lass’s work is underpinned by a critical vision of his direct environment. These influences, drawn from the heart of his country Mali, open a dialogue on human values, ecology, time and perseverance necessary for the functioning of all lifes, although having modes of existence radically different – * each species always creating, generously, for other species.

Emanuele Coccia – Métamorphoses – Payot & Rivages Edition, March 2020

Lass uses the materiality of paint, incorporating ash or wood powder on canvas, paper or plywood with layers upon layers of acrylic and vivid color palette. His works are like backlit by vibrant hues, yellows and blues or impasto of white which blend into texture.

LASS- Trough the flower -110 x 120 cm

Through the flower, V – 2020 –

Acrylic, ash of wood on canvas
– 110 x 120 cm