The gallery created in 1997, in Paris, represented from the beginning,  the international artistic currents of the immediate post-war period, in particular, the artists of the group Cobra, Jorn and Corneille. The arrival in 2016 of collaborators established in Africa for three generations, emphasized the presentation of contemporary African artists such as Soly Cissé, Wole Lagunju, Victor Olaoyé, Samuel Nnorom, Tonia Nneji (guest artist) and Ibrahim Ballo for whom the gallery produced and supported their first exhibition in Paris. The gallery has collaborated with institutions such as the Institut Français, the Cité Internationale des Arts, the CAC Passerelle de Brest, the Center Montevidéo in Marseille, the Pernod-Ricard Foundation, for loans of works or in support of residencies. The gallery is attached to the approaches of artists who testify to the transversalities between disciplines, such as during its collaboration with Mossi Traoré who expresses, in his Haute Couture collections, what binds him to the world of art. In this new cultural geography, the gallery promotes the intersections intergenerational  and nterdisplinary of artists aware of international issues and contexts.